Sunday, January 15, 2012

What is Flour Anyway?

A step in the grief process is doubt. In grieving our ability to make a simple tortilla, DeShawn and I began to doubt everything from the composition of flour, the history of baking powder, and the effectiveness of our frying pan.

Once we progressed to the step of acceptance, and came to terms with the fact that our ability to make tortillas was just not there, a resurrection took place in the form of a decently pliable piece of dough. Miraculous tiny bubbles appeared as the redeeming disk hit the heat of the pan.

A tortilla was made. Alongside it’s misfit sides of novice cooked beans and rice it was a small achievement, but an achievement nonetheless.

Next time with the proper pan, flour, and a brief science lesson of baking powder I am confident that the skill of tortilla making will be conquered.

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  1. So simple yet so so delicious. This sounds fun!!