Saturday, January 7, 2012

"Live life & Be happy"

I have to be honest with the fact that my anonymous letter wasn’t really to “anyone”. I was targeting a very specific person when I wrote:

“You are capable of amazing things
Always remember it is you that has the power to make it happen
-Live life and be happy”.

The kids that I supervise at my recreation center are amazing. Their lives are not easy, and in the year that I have known them, I have watched them get through some tough times. I never want them to forget that they have the power to be better than their circumstance, and to be successful at whatever they put their minds to.
This note was left in a recreation center vending machine for them.

In the case that some other thirsty patron found my note as they went to retrieve their Coke, I hope it serves the same purpose and empowers them to live life and be happy.

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  1. Inspiring! And not just to seize the day, but to do random acts of kindness also, like leaving a positive note to share :)