Wednesday, January 1, 2014


The turn of the year is a strange book end to life. All of a sudden people begin to compartmentalize their experiences into a 365 day package to be labeled blessed, bad, or maybe worse, unremarkable. As the world is in a mass moment of self reflection I can't help but to look back with the same use of evaluation. 2013 for me, was a year of change and challenges, both under my control and out of my control. The phrase "New Year" means for many of us that we are going to try something new. To make things better, more in our control, or at least a fun story to tell this time next year. Equip with a list, I am participating in 2014 a bit differently then the year past. With more purpose and the type of optimism that doesn't just hope for a better year, but with the belief that I can make the year better.