Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Moment 4 Life

..."Cause everybody dies but not everybody lives"

These kids honestly made my week. Watching their performance I realized that I needed to go back to running my life the way I did when I felt accomplished.

I let the circumstances of last year control who I was becoming beyond what I ever should have.

I totaled my car, let go of a good friend, lost my position at work, and put myself through a game of "why me" only a person grown as absurdly self entitled as me could play for a year straight.

Putting the annual registration on my new car I realized I allowed myself to be caught up way beyond the expiration of my complaint card. What did I really have to complain about? All those things had passed and newer, better, more fantastic and amazing moments were just waiting to be lived.

...And wasn't that why I started all this in the first place back in 2011? The project was always about taking control of life. Not letting it control you.

Moving forward I have some things from 2011 that I'm revisiting in the next few months:

  • Finishing a Steinbeck novel 
  • Being part of a flash mob
  • Coachella!
And looking at 2012 there are a couple of things in the works I'll be reporting on soon:
  • Read Tom Brokaw's Boom!
  • Sing with a choir
  • Graduate

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